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Home care gives the patient and family a choice, an alternative to other forms of care. It allows a person in need of medical treatment to remain in their home with family and friends.  It enables the family to participate in the care of a loved one.  When appropriately utilized, home care is a cost-effective alternative to costly hospital stays or institutional expenses.  We are contracted through Medicare, Medicaid, some private insurances, workman's comp.
Our agency provides highly skilled medical professionals to come to your home. In order to qualify for our services, you must be considered homebound (i.e., taxing effort to leave your home, use of assistive devices and leave home infrequently), have a medical necessity, physician's referral and insurance approval.
Once qualified to home health care, the patient can expect to see the following services:
  • Skilled Observation Assessment and Evaluation
  • Patient Education/Self-Care
   - Diabetes
   - Congestive Heart Failure
   - COPD
   - Stroke
   - Wound Care
   - Medication Management
  • Wound Management/Wound VAC
  • Central/PICC line Management
  • Tube Feeding/Drainage Tubes
  • PT/INR Monitoring
  • Ostomy/Stoma Care
  • Lab draws
  • 24/7 RN on-call
  • Establish Home Exercise Programs
  • Liaison to Community Resources
  • Personal Care
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